Premonitions Say

by Piles and Piles

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released March 7, 2013

Mastering by Mark Trewella at Full Circle Mastering
Recorded at Kennedy Studios

Thanks to:
Kennedy Studios, the best damn studio around
Dennis Huszar for all the noise, pizza, and good looks
Pete for letting Will borrow his bass amp all the time
Lynne for letting all of us crash at the house
Chris and MJ for the awesome artwork
The Sharpest & American Standard just because



all rights reserved


Piles and Piles Massachusetts

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Track Name: Deam
All my premonitions say
You are the right of me,
Lay off for now and then weʼll see,
Let it out for the tide and wake up
Do it all well and for the sake of

First the lead and velcro,
Weʼll descend into our own,
This is not what we thought it was,
Livin in the place we discovered first,
My father told me not to ramble
Track Name: Summer Devon
Siftin away,
Through the garbage ive made myself and more
Go through
If one wish I had
Iʼd ask to be able to love these old things again

Ourselves are a wasteland,
So can I just come clean,
Iʼm frequently vacant
Iʼve done myself in
After all these years runninʼ so lean and thin,
So lean

Let you go so long ago

Unable to do what once could,
De-evolve into common slur I
ʼll give you what you ask for
Track Name: Yellow Phone, Yeah!
Quarter past one,
Weʼve only reached the Lincoln turn
Muttered plans for,
When we got back home.
What was clear is now what we consider.
Donʼt care much about providence,
But hey what the hell.
When outside we gave a simple tune.

Ohh Sweet one,
donʼt but do cuz i donʼt deserve it
What was once said cannot be emulated

AY Strippin off, just like we used to do
AY let me off, just like we used to do.

It was normally cloudy here,
Changed to a bitter grey.
It had little to no affect on me.
This is where I would spend the rest of my time.
This much I could already presume of the place.
Each cottage an off-white, a distance from any others.

Please dont start my,
I already gave you mine

AY Strippin off, just like we used to do
AY let me off, just like we used to do.

Laid back, weed through
All that I cant solve, strip the nails off the wall Sinkin into a place of no consequence
And let me, me
I will Iʼll find the cause
Meet me and later,
And all your reality
And done.
Track Name: You Are Its Source
Track Name: Parade
Hey Jack,
How are you?
I hear it's been tough out there,
At low pay.
Yeah i hear it's been tough out there,
But I bet you everyday.
You swim on back to us,
And hear yourself a loon.
Look up above you
In a yellow hot air balloon
I watched from the coast, yeah i did
It doesn't matter, or maybe it did.
So Just-

Gettin the taste out,
Something Ive always wanted.